About Our Rollers: 

Our soft, flexible rollers can create fabulous curls or waves and no heat is required.  They are comfortable to sleep in, easy to use, and made of durable material to ensure longevity.  Not only can you achieve beautiful definition, but you can protect and stretch your ends to prevent frizz, shrinkage, moisture loss, tangling, single strand knots, and friction!  The option to achieve versatile curl sizes and shapes really makes these rollers unique.  Versatility in curl forms can be created by experimenting with one or more of the following factors; 

-Amount of water used to set hair ( Example: more water = tighter curls)

-Amount of hair placed in roller (Example: more hair in roller = looser curls)

-Size of roller used (Example: larger roller = looser or larger curls) 

 There are currently 2 sizes to choose from:

1. Husky - This size has a wider base, holds more hair and is perfect for medium length, long, and/or thick hair.  A minimum length of 8 - 9 inches of hair is recommended to use the Husky.

2. Standard - This is size is great for all hair lengths.  A minimum length of 4 - 5 inches is recommended to begin using the Standard size. 

Package options are offered to accommodate various lengths and densities.  Multiple packages can be purchased if needed for various needs.  For each package size, the rollers come in 3 bold colors of black, hot pink, and lime green.

 About The Founder:  Hey friends!  My name is Charity, also known on YouTube as "Protective Princess."  I have always considered myself to be a "roller connesiour," or should I just say a "roller junkie?"  I have several large containers with cold wave (perm) rods, magnetic rollers in various sizes, flexi-rods, solar rods, and more!  There has always been a special place in my heart for curls and roller sets.  Curls add so much style and character and they're so easy to achieve.  I've also found them to be quite useful in keeping my kinky hair strands stretched and protected.  

The true journey with My Curl Squad actually began several years ago when mother-in-law introduced me to a package of tiny spool rollers.  I had never seen anything like this before.  I immediately fell in love, and had all kinds of fun with my new toys.  Not only could I create effortless curls, they were also perfect to place on the ends of my hair to keep them stretched and protected at night.  But I soon realized a few problems with the roller.  First of all, they were much too tiny to fit any significant amount of my textured hair, especially as my hair grew.  Secondly, they were made from a very short-lived material and the rollers kept cracking, breaking, and snagging my hair overtime.   After waking up several mornings and finding broken rollers under the bed and on my pillow, I wondered was was it possible to tweak these to fit my hair. 

I worked with an engineer, molding company, and a patent attorney for legal advice to create my products.  Through the quantities, packaging, and sizing, my goal was to accommodate textured hair types like my own.  However these rollers will produce fabulous curls on any hair type.  I  hope you enjoy the versatility and styling options of these rollers just as much as I have!