1. Can I sit under a hooded dryer with the rollers?  Yes, hooded dryers can be used.  Simply avoid using excessive temperatures.  Overuse of high heat could possible cause premature wear on the rollers.

2. What if I can’t get the roller to close?  If the roller will not close, then you probably have to much hair in that section.  Reduce the amount of hair you are putting into the roller.

3.  Why is the roller slipping out of my hair? Slippage can be a result of one or more of the following…

-Slippage means the roller was not rolled up the hair shaft far enough.  

-Slippage may also mean that you didn’t put enough hair into the roller.

-Slippage can mean your hair isn't long enough for the roller size you are attempting to use.

4. What if my hair seems too long for the rollers?  For hair with extremely long lengths, it may be necessary to use more than one roller to achieve desired curls.  Full length curls can be achieved by starting at the roots first and rolling the hair.  Once that roller is full of hair, secure it closed.  Then, take the remaining hair, pick up where you left off, and roll the remaining section of hair.

5. How long does my hair have to be to use the rollers?  The standard rollers work best if you have a minimum of 4 - 5 inches of hair.  Please read the item listings for size recommendations on different hair lengths and densities.

6.  Can these be used on straight hair or chemically relaxed hair?  Yes.  Since natural hair is prone to shrinkage, the character of the curls on straight/relaxed hair may have slightly different variations than that of natural hair.  With straight hair, spritzing hair with water typically is not necessary before applying the rollers. 

7.  Can the rollers be used on locs?  I would NOT recommend purchasing a full pack, if you have not tried the samples first.  There is a small chance that the rollers can be used on locs that have a small diameter (sisterlocs/microlocs) and that are not extremely long.  For locs, the technique of “layering” may be necessary to achieve curls.  This technique is demonstrated in the full tutorial on the site.   Also multiple packs may be needed to accommodate the length of locs.  If the diameter of combined hair strands is beyond .25" or 6 mm, the ability to produce a pronounce curl/waves decreases dramatically.  

8. Do you ship internationally?  Yes, we ship to most countries/regions.  International shipping to your area will configure at the time of checkout.